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My birthday ended up being COMPLETELY AWESOME!!!! I was not expecting it to be anything special considering I wasn’t going to be able to get all of my extended family together and finals are around the corner, but I was so wrong. More rambling about my awesome day below. 

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  1. 12(b)6 is (in my opinion) the best lawblr out there.
  2. This shit is on point.
  3. Friendly reminder: We’re officially 42 days out from my no longer being a law student.
  4. This means I’ll be in a J.D. cocoon until I get licensed and transition into a beautiful baby lawyer butterfly.
  5. You guys. I’m going to be a lawyer. Stew on that shit.

your comments have made my day so much better and I am sure you will be the most motherfucking beautiful baby lawyer butterfly ever mwah

via 12(b)(6).
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#tbt to Ramin and Sierra performing a broadgrass version of “Once Upon Another Time” from Love Never Dies

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gettin real tired of my own bullshit

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i’m just going to give up on the idea of happiness

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The Captain America/Puerto Rico pic  AND Marvel’s majestic response. lol

One small problem with that argument — the Puerto Rican flag was designed in 1898.

It was outlawed until 1952 — Puerto Rico was forced to fly only Spanish flags until 1898, and then only American flags until 1952.

The Puerto Rican flag is actually based on the Cuban flag, designed in 1848:

Just reverse the blue and red in Cuba’s flag and you get the Puerto Rican flag (this similarity was intentional).

As for Cuba, before people start saying that they stole their design from the U.S., their design incorporates three blue stripes, representing the three parts that the country was divided during the independence wars, central, occidental, and oriental areas of the country, and two white stripes symbolizing the purity of the patriotic cause. The red triangle stands for the blood shed to free the nation, which is placed where the star is, symbolizing the sky turned red from the blood shed in battle. The white star in the triangle stands for independence.

In the U.S., the stars represent independence and the stripes represent the original 13 colonies. And of course we stole our 1977 design from the East India Company and this flag which dates back to 1707:

There’s just not a lot of creativity in flag making. Everybody just steals designs and ideas off of each other.

Incidentally, Marvel’s response is also incorrect. The first issue of Captain America went on sale on December 20, 1940 (with the cover date of March 1941), so there’s no way that the Captain’s look was designed the year after the comic was released.

And you’ll notice, on the cover, that Captain America has more than three red stripes. They wrap around him.

Everyone involved stole their design, but Puerto Rico stole theirs from Cuba, and Marvel stole theirs from the American flag.— who stole their design from the East India Company.

And as long as I’m posting a bunch of flag images, here’s how the U.S. flag, with its then-48 stars, looked when Captain America was designed (Alaska and Hawaii were not states until 1959):

I’ve seen this a bunch of times now and I would just like to add that Cuba and Puerto Rico’s flags are similar because they were designed by the same organization that fought for each island’s independence.

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i wish people would understand that finals = complete emotional instability

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If Star Wars were a 1980’s High School movie.


Hey soloontherocks

excuse me we need to talk about motorcycle gang Vader and Fett

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